Hotel Tacoma

Founded in 2016, Hotel Tacoma is for people who not only color outside the lines, but rip the book in half. We believe that if you work hard, you deserve to play hard. Play is good for our souls, cuts down on stress, and makes us live longer. And we all want to live forever.

Each year, we take a team of adventurers to a new, uncharted location and build our own ultimate playground. The top-notch food and adrenaline-fueled action are the only things on our menu. This is the place where off-roaders, mountain bikers, motocross riders and freedom-seekers come together as one big, happy family.

2016 - Hualapai

2017 - Cape Lookout

2017 - Cape Lookout // The Squatch

The Monument

Monument sketch 01
Monument Sketch_LR 02
Iron Bunny

Hotel Welcome package (2016)

Picture gallery 2017

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