Verner has spent the past twenty years working at Saatchi&Saatchi LA. Over the years, he has created some of the most memorable work for Toyota. Starting with Looks Fast for the Celica, to the Tundra Endeavour and Hotel Tacoma. He has worked on many vehicle launches, including Prius, Camry, Tacoma and most recently, the legendary Supra. During the past two years, he’s led teams from both the Los Angeles and Dallas office to successful campaigns.

Verner’s experience in the craft of storytelling is evident in the quality of the films showcased in his work. He is used to working with a large group of people in the agency and with many levels of approval at the client.

Verner is known for his friendly disposition, passion for great ideas and enduring curiosity. Since his start as an art director, he has pursued photography and more recently writing as forms of expression. Both add to his well-rounded creative credentials. His long tenure at Saatchi has allowed him to develop some long-term art projects of his own. Enjoy.

Verner Soler, Creative