Corolla – Live the Dream for Less Coin

The 2009 Corolla felt like a more expensive vehicle than it was. No really! But we knew a straight
pitch would be laughed off, so we took the tongue in cheek approach. We treated our audience
like royalty and created a digital campaign with an estate reminiscent of 18th century Europe.

Website    Visitors could explore features via games and videos.

Corolla Website :: Estate
AUDIO c_note instructions
Corolla Website :: Bluetooth

Rich Media    Bluetooth. The first instance of using TCPIP to allow the guests to place a phone call directly from the banner.

Corolla :: Bluetooth 01
Corolla :: Bluetooth 02
Corolla :: Bluetooth 05
Corolla :: Bluetooth 07

Rich Media    MPG.

Corolla :: MPG 04
Corolla :: MPG 05
Corolla :: MPG 06

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